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Cloud Recovery

In a site-wide disaster, downtime is measured in terms of business losses, which multiply by the hour. Do you have a cloud recovery plan in place for your clients?

Recovery Isn’t an Option. It’s the Solution.

When disaster strikes, company downtime and costs are multiplied. Site-wide disasters in particular, can bring down whole locations, creating the need to virtualize entire IT environments reliably and securely at a second site. The challenge is how to provide the traditional benefits of enterprise-grade business continuity at a price that small businesses can afford.

To minimize the risks and costs of downtime, eFolder offers cloud-based disaster recovery solutions, which virtualize and run clients’ servers securely on an emergency or as-needed basis in the eFolder Continuity Cloud. Scalable and always available, eFolder cloud recovery helps MSPs ensure uptime and resiliency for clients, no matter the recovery challenge.

We’ll backup or replicate your clients’ infrastructure and run it in the cloud, keeping critical applications, business operations and employees productive even while working from the backup system.  Partners pay for cloud recovery only when a disaster happens and avoid the cost of maintaining their own cloud infrastructure. These savings naturally also accrue to the end user client, bringing robust business continuity within reach of even the smallest business.

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How It Works, Cloud Recovery

How It Works.

eFolder cloud recovery solutions are part of our business continuity offerings and are based on eFolder BDR and the eFolder Continuity Cloud. eFolder BDR backs up or replicates images of critical servers, VMs, workstations from the client office location to the eFolder Cloud. If a site-wide disaster strikes, partners can virtualize and run client servers in the cloud until normal operations resume. Clients and their employees benefit from just minutes or hours of downtime, depending on the configuration or circumstances. eFolder cloud recovery protects business productivity and helps partners keep their promises.

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BDR for Acronis Data Sheet
Minimize downtime with eFolder BDR for Acronis


BDR for AppAssure Data Sheet
Minimize downtime with eFolder BDR for AppAssure


BDR for Replibit Data Sheet
Minimize downtime with eFolder BDR for Replibit


BDR for ShadowProtect Data Sheet
Minimize downtime with eFolder BDR for ShadowProtect


BDR for Veeam Data Sheet
Minimize off-site replication costs with eFolder BDR for Veeam


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