Data loss happens, even in the cloud. Cloudfinder ensures data stored in the most widely used SaaS applications is backed up, restorable and protected in an automated cloud-to-cloud backup service.


Prevent Cloud Data Loss, While Empowering IT.

Whether due to user error, admin mistakes, malware or hackers, business data in the cloud is constantly at risk. Cloudfinder protects against cloud data loss, supporting the most popular cloud applications with backup to a second site in the eFolder cloud, allowing for fast search and recovery of content with full text indexing.

Cloudfinder allows better data sharing between departments, breaking down department siloes and empowering IT oversight and data governance. From its single interface, data is indexed and instantly searchable for discovery and point-in-time restores.

While eliminating user mistakes and other data loss risks is unlikely, with Cloudfinder sensitive data in your cloud applications is now safer and more accessible, while the cost and disruption to the organization is minimized.

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Cloudfinder for Office 365
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Cloudfinder Key Benefits

Automated data backup with eFolder SafeHaven storage

Multiple data recovery options for items, files, users or accounts

Instant full-text search and rich search filtering

Military-grade encryption, exceeding industry standards

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Automate cloud application backup

Perform backups of cloud application data, including Microsoft Office 365,  on a schedule of three times per day


Protect data from loss

Store data in the off-site, secure eFolder Cloud, with no administrative override or possibility of deletion, safeguarding data from data loss events


Search across cloud applications and all users

Leverage instant full-text search to locate data across cloud applications


Rapidly restore

Restore data directly back into the live application, into a different cloud application, or export data in its original format


Retain data

Retain cloud application data for an unlimited period of time, even for inactive accounts, so administrators can quickly retrieve data from the past


How It Works

Cloudfinder performs backups on files, folders, items and objects within the most widely used SaaS applications. Cloudfinder replicates SaaS data to our cloud, ensuring encrypted protection and allowing for indexing and searches from a single interface. Data is safe and easier to find and recover, easing the burden on IT or MSPs.


Cloudfinder for Office 365

Partner Experiences

''We have a tremendous amount of flexibility with eFolder.''

Robert Cioffi, Owner, Progressive Computing

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Product Resources

How to Search For and Recover Deleted Cloud Data
In this Expert Series webinar, eFolder staff explain the benefits of cloud-to-cloud backup and demonstrate how to use Cloudfinder to discover and recover deleted cloud data.


eFolder White Paper:
Making it Rain: An MSP’s Guide to Profiting from Cloud Application Adoption in the SMB Market


Use Case


“Being in the property damage restoration industry, we know that the companies that survive are the ones that plan ahead. Cloudfinder is our insurance policy on cloud applications and gives us confidence that we will never lose cloud data.” – Jessika Palm, IT Controller, Polygon


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