A Cost-Effective, End-to-End Continuity Solution

eFolder BDR for Replibit is an image-based backup and disaster recovery service that allows businesses to leverage the reliability and performance of the eFolder Cloud and with a single solution, minimizing the risk and cost of downtime. The service combines advanced Replibit backup software with an onsite appliance for storage and local disaster recovery, along with offsite replication to the eFolder Cloud.

eFolder BDR for Replibit captures chain-free backups of a server every few minutes, capturing its data, operating system, applications, and configurations, and replicating those images to the eFolder Cloud. Replibit software is bundled with 2 TB of included storage per protected server in the eFolder Cloud.

Businesses have multiple recovery options in the event of a server failure or site-wide disaster, including recovery in the eFolder Cloud. In the event of site-wide disaster, client servers can be virtualized in the eFolder Continuity Cloud.

eFolder BDR for Replibit provides flexible deployment options. Built on a Linux Ubuntu hardened kernel, eFolder BDR for Replibit can run on virtually any server hardware appliance, with no need for a Windows server operating system.

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