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The eFolder software product suite harnesses software and the cloud to support your clients’ mobile security, file sync, backup, disaster recovery, and business continuity needs. It’s about maximizing productivity and it’s our everyday mission.

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Achieve secure file access anywhere, on any device. eFolder Anchor ensures business data is always available via computers, servers, mobile devices, or the cloud. It’s an effective way for workers to share and sync important data across multiple platforms, while keeping security a top priority. Collaborate with ease through Team Shares while minimizing the need for FTP and VPN.

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eFolder Backup provides business-grade data protection for virtually any kind of client environment. It’s a single solution for local and cloud backups and allows you to simplify setup and monitoring to deliver the best customer experience. Centralized provisioning, management, notification and monitoring features are easy to implement.

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Backup & Disaster Recovery (BDR) enterprise-quality services ensure business continuity for mission critical servers and infrastructure. Image-based backup software combined with the power of the cloud enables server virtualization anywhere in a disaster. BDR open cloud strategy allows partners to use preferred software brands with a unique, turn-key cloud environment. MSP-specific features keep your costs low and profits running high.

BDR Overview
BDR for Replibit
BDR for ShadowProtect
BDR for Veeam
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Backup. Search. Restore. That’s Cloudfinder. It ensures data stored in today’s most popular SaaS applications is backed up, restorable and protected. SafeHaven storage builds automated backup and total data protection. From a single interface, administrators can perform cross-service, instant full-text search and rich filtering. Military–grade encryption included.


The most flexible and scalable BDR solution on the market, eFolder Replibit offers chain-free backup technology and offsite vaulting in your own data center or in the eFolder Cloud, with either pre-built eFolder BDR appliances with FastFlashTM SSD storage technology or build your own BDR options. eFolder Replibit is an end-to-end backup and disaster recovery platform, empowering MSPs to deliver profitable, globally-managed business continuity services.


Product Resources

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Use Case

Backup Success Story

“eFolder is willing to do what few other backup and BDR vendors won’t: mitigate and share risk with their partners.”

Alan Helbush, President and CEO, Where to Start, Inc


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