eFolder Launches Next-Gen BDR Appliance Family

13 Jun eFolder Launches Next-Gen BDR Appliance Family

Latest Replibit Innovation Ushers in the World’s Smallest and Fastest BDR Appliance

Atlanta, GA – June 13, 2016 – eFolder, a leading supplier of business continuity services for the IT channel, today announced the launch of the eFolder Replibit BDR Appliance product family. Replibit BDR Appliances are local BDR appliances, featuring eFolder FastFlash™ and DuraBit™ SSD storage technologies, and the patented Replibit Appliance software. Replibit BDR Appliances are the industry’s first all-SSD BDR appliance product line from a major business continuity vendor. With a next-gen, all-SSD architecture, Replibit appliances deliver fast and reliable on-site system recovery for virtually any sized client environment. The FastFlash SSD architecture delivers industry-leading IOPS and a 50x speed advantage during system recoveries vs. legacy BDR appliances.

Fast and reliable system recoveries help MSPs keep their most important promises. With three models to choose from, MSPs can standardize on Replibit and deliver a fast, reliable, and complete business continuity service. Replibit BDR Appliances complement the other components needed for an end-to-end business continuity solution, including the Replibit Agent for local server and workstation backup, Replibit Vault for cloud backup and recovery, and the Replibit Management Portal for global cloud management of field-deployed Replibit BDR Appliances and Vaults.

The Replibit BDR Appliance family includes the small form factor, yet fully featured, Replibit Mini for small business deployments, the Replibit Pro for medium-sized or growing clients, and the Replibit Rack model for larger, sophisticated clients or private cloud, multi-tenant vaulting applications. The flagship Replibit Mini packs 1 TB or 2 TB of usable FastFlash storage, a 4-core Skylake i5 processor, and 16 GB or 32 GB of RAM into a tiny 8”x8”x2.5” form factor, while using less than 20W of power, at jaw dropping prices. The Pro unit starts at 3TB of all-flash storage and is field expandable up to 15TB, and includes an 8-core Xeon processor, 128 GB of RAM, and dual 10G networking. The 2U Rack is identical to the Pro but can be expanded up to 18TB of usable storage.  All models deliver the full feature set of the patented Replibit software, including Chain-free BackupsTM, instant local virtualization, and automated screenshot verification with filesystem integrity checking.

“We’re excited to be launching the world’s smallest and fastest BDR appliance,” says Kevin Hoffman, chief executive officer at eFolder. “We’ve tightly integrated Replibit’s patented software with a custom-built, next-gen, all-SSD BDR platform featuring eFolder’s new FastFlash and DuraBit technologies, delivering unsurpassed speed and reliability during on-site system recoveries. Flash has recently hit a price and density inflection point where, when combined with eFolder’s proprietary technologies, can deliver the speed, power, and reliability of enterprise all-flash storage but amazingly at a lower price than legacy BDR solutions that feature slow, nearline storage. When client servers are down, the reputation of the MSP is on the line. With FastFlash and DuraBit at their backs, MSPs can over-deliver on their most critical promises with confidence.”

“Replibit BDR Appliances deliver on a long-standing partner need,” says Andrew Bensinger, chief executive officer and co-founder of Replibit. “Now that we are part of the eFolder, we can leverage the scale, infrastructure, and resources of eFolder to deliver the final key ingredient in an end-to-end business continuity solution. For partners that want a turn-key BDR solution, they are going to be thrilled.”

With this acquisition, eFolder now owns its own backup and disaster recovery (BDR) software IP platform, from endpoint to cloud. Replibit also brings eFolder a robust patent portfolio for BDR applications. When combined with the scale and capacity of the eFolder Cloud, eFolder Replibit is now the fast, reliable, and complete business continuity solution designed for MSPs.

“We are thrilled to be adding Replibit to eFolder’s suite of software and cloud services for MSPs,” says Kevin Hoffman, chief executive officer at eFolder. “Through our current commercial relationship with Replibit, we discovered the speed, reliability and flexibility of the solution. Over the past year, the partner reception has been terrific and eFolder BDR for Replibit quickly became our top seller. Now, the combined solution is under one roof at eFolder.”

“For us, Replibit and eFolder make a perfect combination,” says John Motazedi, chief executive officer of SNC2, an eFolder partner based in Joplin, MO. “We fell in love with the Replibit software early on, since the reliability and automation features help us reduce our labor costs. As a long time eFolder partner, we made the decision from the beginning to vault our Replibit data with eFolder due to the scale and reliability of their cloud.”

“We are going to double down on the pace of innovation with Replibit,” says Pierre Tapia, vice president of products at eFolder. “In just a few short weeks, we look forward to announcing additional features and capabilities which will make Replibit even more reliable and profitable for MSPs of all sizes.”

While Replibit will assume a leading position in the eFolder portfolio, the company will continue to serve the MSP space with the company’s open BDR ecosystem strategy, where eFolder delivers turn-key BDR cloud services integrated with the most popular products for image-based backup in the MSP channel. This unique ecosystem strategy allows eFolder’s MSP partners to choose the solution that best meets the needs of each client while working with a single vendor for cloud-based disaster recovery, cloud management, and technical support. eFolder remains committed long-term to its strategic vendor partners and will continue to market, develop, and supply MSPs with eFolder BDR for ShadowProtect, BDR for Veeam, BDR for Acronis, and BDR for AppAssure (Dell Rapid Recovery).


eFolder Replibit BDR Appliances will be ready for order on July 18, 2016 and begin shipping on August 1, 2016.

About eFolder

On June 1, 2016, eFolder announced the acquisition of Replibit, a fast growing developer of next-generation backup and disaster software for MSPs. eFolder is a leading supplier of cloud business continuity, cloud file sync, and cloud to cloud backup solutions for MSPs, cloud service providers, system integrators, and VARs. Delivered as wholesale services to the channel, eFolder enables its partners to provide branded business continuity, file sync, and cloud to cloud backup services and to generate highly profitable, recurring revenue. eFolder services complement many of the managed service offerings already deployed by partners and integrate with common PSA systems, making adoption of eFolder services fast and easy. eFolder also empowers cost-effective partner and end-user private clouds, allowing partners to meet the needs of any client, regardless of size or readiness to engage in public cloud services. eFolder is a privately held company and is headquartered in Atlanta, GA. For more information, please visit: efolderwww.wpengine.com and follow us on Twitter: @eFolder

For more information, please visit: efolderwww.wpengine.com and follow us on Twitter: @eFolder

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