Five Key Features of Anchor Collaborative Web Editing

30 Jan Five Key Features of Anchor Collaborative Web Editing

eFolder just introduced Collaborative Web Editing on the Anchor platform. This new functionality takes the secure file sync and share capabilities of Anchor to another level, permitting full blown document collaboration inside the secure platform. Here are some of the key features of Anchor Collaborative Web Editing:

1. Edit in real-time, with multiple co-authors – With the real-time Collaborative Web Editor, you can securely edit documents, spreadsheets, and presentations when working in the web portal, without needing to download a separate application or navigate away from the secure system. Additionally, the Collaborative Web Editor empowers you to make these changes simultaneously with multiple co-authors, and lets you see each edit in real time. Common use cases include multiple users working on large spreadsheets that need to stay open throughout the day; long legal documents, which may require multiple co-authors and contributors, casually from different organizations; and presentations with many different contributors, from designers to copy editors.

2. Comment, chat, and track changes – The Anchor Collaborative Web Editor also has rich commenting and collaboration tools. In many cases, principal authors may only want light-weight commenting or review by third parties, not line by line copy editing. In these cases, the built-in commenting capability allows each authenticated reviewer to securely leave their comments and reactions throughout the document. If contributors are both in the document at the same time, the Collaborative Web Editor’s chat function may be the easiest and most interactive collaboration approach. In cases where line by line editing is needed, the Collaborative Web Editor supports rich track changes functionality, permitting detailed edits by co-authors and review/accept actions by principal authors.

3. Create – The Anchor Collaborative Web Editor also allows collaborators to create content from scratch, without any additional third party applications. Documents, spreadsheets, and presentations can all be built from scratch in the editor and securely and privately shared with other collaborators. When working with a wide variety of collaborators, the Collaborative Web Editor provides a common platform to edit, comment, and collaborate quickly.

4. Present – There are many instances where you may want to present content to viewers or audience members online. The Anchor Collaborative Web Editor allows you to put a presentation in “play” or present mode to securely share content with groups of online viewers. With a simple tele-conference bridge, this functionality can free you from clunky or cumbersome “live meeting” type applications which often impede real time collaboration.

5. Secure, controlled, and audited collaboration – Security and privacy are significant considerations in collaboration. The Anchor Collaborative Web Editor gives a rich set of controls and permissions over collaboration. Limitations on downloads, forced user authentication for online editing, and expiration policies are three common needs to preserve privacy and confidentiality. Collaborators often need detailed audit trails over all changes, edits, and interactions within a document. With the Anchor Collaborative Web Editor, many of the thorniest document and security concerns are alleviated.

With complete secure file sync, share, and now collaboration functionality, Anchor is the answer for Invincible Productivity™.

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