IT Nation Opens and the Replibit Appliances Ship

09 Nov IT Nation Opens and the Replibit Appliances Ship

It was no coincidence.

The biggest single gathering of MSPs in North America and the most exciting announcement in eFolder history – they were made for one another.

Software can be shown and tried online at a distance but it helps to see the Replibit Mini to really understand why we unabashedly claim that eFolder has changed the BDR game. (If you get to hold one in your hands at the booth it is even better!)

The Replibit Mini is the new standard for small business BDR deployments. With no moving parts, 1 or 2 TB of FastFlash™ storage, a 4-core Skylake i5 processor and 16 or 32 GB of RAM all neatly engineered into a slim box, less than 8×8 inches square, we guarantee you have not seen anything like it.

We could go on here about the other appliances, all the way up to a rack mounted unit, with up to 18 TB of FastFlash, all-SSD storage, and an 8-Core Intel Xeon processor capable of 480,000 sustained-read IOPs, but the Replibit Mini is the one they are oooing and aahhing about right now at the booth at IT Nation.

Download the Replibit Partner Brief and live vicariously. But be forewarned. You are going to want to order one and hold it in your hands.

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