3 Pillars of Business-Grade File Sync with Anchor

14 Jun 3 Pillars of Business-Grade File Sync with Anchor

When many MSPs present a business-grade file sync and share solution to their clients, it is commonly described as being “similar to Dropbox.” However, there is a dramatic difference when you compare predominately consumer-grade file sync with a more robust, secure solution like Anchor, a truly business-grade file sync and share solution.

Business-grade file sync solutions deliver users far superior benefits that they may or may not realize they need, as well as arm MSPs with a solution that adds high-margin, recurring revenue to their solution stack. This whitepaper explores three key pillars to help MSPs and end users understand the differences between consumer-grade file sync solutions and Anchor. What are the three pillars of Anchor that separate it from other, more rudimentary file sync alternatives?

      1. Eliminate the File Servers

Having file access, from anywhere and any device, not only satisfies clients but replaces a low margin, one-time hardware/software purchase with a high-margin recurring revenue MSP agreement at the lower end of the SMB market.

     2. Data Backup and Ransomware Protection

MSPs can offer clients security and peace of mind – with protection from human error and the ever-increasing risk of ransomware – by providing a more robust, business-grade backup in the forms of Anchor’s Revision Rollback and Snapshot features.

    3. Secure Share for Business Productivity

Anchor’s multi-tenant design was built for MSPs from the ground up, providing a much more efficient way to manage clients from a single pane of glass. Clients too appreciate3Pillars_Preview the control, flexibility, and security of sharing and working together using business-class file sync.


Download here to read the full whitepaper and find out how adding a business-grade file sync solution to your standard offerings addresses a pressing client need.


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