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28 Feb Money Now is Worth More Than Money Later

This blog was originally featured on the ChannelE2E blog February 28, 208 and was authored by eFolder Director of MSP Best Practices, Tom Watson.    Starting in 2009 and until I sold my MSP, one of my core business rules was as follows: “Money Now Is Worth More Than Money Later.” This was both a defining business principle and a mantra at my company and I...

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04 Jan MSP Partnership Standards: What You Should Pursue

This blog was originally featured on the ChannelE2E blog December 22, 2017 and was authored by eFolder CEO, Matt Nachtrab    This is the time of year when we straddle reviewing a slew of history, while also looking into the future with the approaching New Year.   We explore what worked, and research the reasons of “Why?” something didn’t, and oftentimes a popular theme...

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08 Nov MSPs are Partners, Not Customers 

There are a slew of overused expressions in any industry. You may hear them every day in the office or see them pop up on your LinkedIn feed as dedicated articles on the topic. We recently came across this post, in which a self-appointed arbiter elegantiae has decided to name the popular channel term “partner” as a “totally overused channel buzzword.” The blogger...

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