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Email Security and Continuity

Email is the most important business application and yet it’s continually vulnerable, as the risks from spam, viruses, phishing attacks and service outages can jeopardize employee productivity. Email cloud security and continuity ensure continuity for today’s most critical business application.

Keep Email Running By Eliminating Its Threats.

While email is an organization’s most critical communication tool, it remains constantly at risk from spam, viruses, malware, phishing attacks or service outages. While spam is an everyday problem, service outages can cause hours of email downtime, bringing communication to a standstill.

eFolder email continuity and security solutions deliver total email safety with minimal disruption and fast recovery. Mail is filtered and scanned in the cloud, protecting all inbound and outbound messages from attacks and blocking and quarantining unwanted messages.

Email uptime is guaranteed and users have access to mail in minutes in case of a service outage.  With eFolder, even if mail service goes down, users can still send and receive messages using the backup system.

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How It Works, Email Security and Continuity

How It Works.

eFolder email continuity and security is provided by DoubleCheck. DoubleCheck filters and scans email in the cloud, queuing it for rapid recovery in the event of an outage.  Spam and other risky messages are blocked based on a real-time threat analysis network, which is updated by hundreds of millions of endpoints worldwide. Unwanted messages are captured and quarantined, kept easily accessible to users and administrators and updated based on a user’s preferences. During an outage, users can access and send email from the online system in just a few clicks.

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