Email is an organization’s most critical communication tool. Cloud-based DoubleCheck ensures email security and total email continuity by eliminating spam, viruses, malware, and phishing before they reach inboxes and by giving users uninterrupted access to web-based email

Email downtime can last hours. DoubleCheck delivers recovery in seconds.

DoubleCheck is a cloud email security solution delivering inbound and outbound protection from spam, malware and phishing attacks. Email is filtered and scanned in the cloud, ensuring total email safety, minimal disruption, and fast recovery.

Email is the lifeblood of an organization’s internal and external communication. DoubleCheck not only protects against threats, it ensures email uptime, allowing users to access email in seconds in any kind of service outage. Designed for reliability and performance, it’s easily administered and a simple add-on for MSPs. Better visibility, control and protection over email become possible with DoubleCheck.

eFolder has announced the End of Life (EOL) of DoubleCheck. To learn more about the EOL announcement, please read the DoubleCheck EOL Overview.

Doublecheck Key Benefits

Business-grade cloud email security without the need for pricey hardware and software

Multi-layered spam and malware filtering for email protection

Intelligent user quarantine, reducing user frustration and administrative involvement

Web-based management and configuration enables proactive monitoring, management and diagnosis

Fast and easy access continuity for users when the production email system is down

Features | Highlights


Minimize spam and malware

Scan and filter inbound and outbound emails against a real-time threat analysis network, updated by hundreds of millions of endpoints


Reduce maintenance costs

Use cloud-based email security to eliminate the cost of managing, maintaining, and upgrading traditional hardware and software-based email security products


Intelligent quarantine

Capture unwanted messages in a quarantine that automatically updates based on personal preferences and behavior, and can be individually managed by users without administrative intervention


Email continuity

Proactively monitor email flows and deliverability and in the event of an email server outage deliver users instant access to web-based email


Route complex email hosting

Route complex hosting arrangements, including phased migrations from on-site to cloud-hosted email services, such as Gmail and Office 365


Easily manage from the web

Manage email security policies and content filtering, configure email flows, and set custom alerting and notifications from the web

How It Works, DoubleCheck

How It Works

DoubleCheck filters and scans mail in the cloud, while queuing it for rapid recovery in the event of an outage. Spam and other risky messages are blocked based on a real-time threat analysis network, which is updated by hundreds of millions of endpoints worldwide. Unwanted messages are captured and quarantined, and easily accessible to users and administrators, and updated based on a user’s preferences. During an outage, users can access and send email from the online system in just a few clicks.

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Partner Experiences

''It doesn't take but a few minutes to pay for a whole month of spam filtering. It's a great value you can add to make their day more productive removing all this spam before it gets to their office.''

Bill Ooms, President, Business System Solutions

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eFolder has announced the End of Life (EOL) of DoubleCheck. To learn more about the EOL announcement, please read the DoubleCheck EOL Overview.


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