A Potent Combination for Better Backup and Recovery

eFolder BDR for AppAssure is a backup and disaster recovery service that delivers unparalleled data protection and business continuity to business users. eFolder BDR when combined with Dell AppAssure software, creates a comprehensive disaster recovery solution, with on-site and off-site recovery options for businesses. eFolder BDR for AppAssure replicates AppAssure backup up images to the eFolder Cloud, leveraging the reliability and performance of eFolder to minimize the risk and costs of downtime.

eFolder BDR for AppAssure, along with Dell AppAssure software, delivers:

  • image-based backups of production servers
  • on-site recovery and near instant virtualization of backed up servers with a customer provided BDR appliance
  • offsite replication to the eFolder Cloud
  • cloud-based monitoring and reporting of replication status
  • emergency in-the-cloud virtualization for worst case scenarios in the eFolder Continuity Cloud

The two services together unlock multiple recovery options, including:

  • on-site recovery
  • in-the-cloud virtualization of servers
  • image download
  • expedited shipment of images on disks
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How It Works

AppAssure software agents periodically create image-based backups from the client servers or workstations at pre-configured intervals. The backup images are automatically backed up to the local BDR appliance which runs the AppAssure CORE software. The local “source” AppAssure CORE replicates the images to a fully managed “target” AppAssure CORE in the eFolder Cloud.

eFolder delivers various system monitoring, data privacy, and data integrity technologies to guarantee the success and reliability of the images contained in the eFolder Storage Cloud. In the event of server outage, the AppAssure software enables fast, on-site recovery on the local BDR appliance. In the event of local disaster that destroys a location and the BDR appliance, eFolder supplies multiple recovery options for the images stored in the eFolder Storage Cloud, including download, expedited shipment of the images on disk/NAS device, or rapid virtualization in the eFolder Continuity Cloud.

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