The Challenge: Delivering Quality, Profitable BDR

Today MSPs are challenged to deliver comprehensive backup and disaster recovery services and still drive consistent profitability. Yet current BDR services are often too complex and costly for many partners, as they face massive data growth at the client level, unpredictable wholesale cloud costs, and ever increasing labor costs.

Fortunately, the latest technology advancements in software and cloud services solve many of these issues.

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The Product Solution

eFolder BDR for Acronis is an end-to-end disaster recovery solution that pairs the most advanced backup software offered by Acronis – Acronis Backup Advanced – with the massive cloud storage and recovery capabilities of the eFolder Cloud. eFolder BDR for Acronis helps MSPs meet the evolving needs of clients with profitable and easily managed backup and disaster recovery services.

How It Works

eFolder BDR for Acronis is an image-based backup and disaster recovery service that captures snapshots of a server, including its data, operating system, applications, and configurations and replicates those images to the eFolder Cloud. Businesses that deploy eFolder BDR for Acronis have multiple recovery options in the event of a server failure or site-wide disaster, including recovery in the eFolder Cloud.

This cost-effective solution offers 1 TB of bundled cloud storage per server license, differential on-site and cloud retention policies, and block-level reduplication and compression, which reduces backup data volumes by up to 90%.

eFolder BDR for Acronis has flexible deployment options. Businesses can back up to an on-site BDR appliance with replication to the eFolder Cloud or backup directly to the eFolder Cloud.

Either way, businesses leverage the reliability and performance of the eFolder Cloud and with a single solution, while minimizing the risk and cost of downtime.

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