Partner Advantages

eFolder partners benefit from numerous high-value advantages — financial, operational and marketing — through our cloud services and support.

Here’s what you can expect when you work with us:

  • True Partnership

  • Whether you start out big or small, the choice is yours. We help partners scale and grow in a fashion that suits your needs. At every step of the way, eFolder provides the products, services, and support to build a profitable, growing IT business.

  • Peace of

  • Today’s business environment requires a cloud partner with world-class reliability, scale, and service excellence. As the People Behind Your Cloud, eFolder delivers peace of mind as we help keep your promises with clients.

  • Better

  • Adding cloud backup, business continuity, and business grade file sync services to your core managed service offerings makes them more manageable and reliable, stickier, and more valuable to clients.

  • Service Automation

  • PSA integration and multi-tenant management features help you serve a growing client base, while controlling labor costs.

  • Recurring Revenue

  • Monthly recurring revenues from managed services are critical to predictable and profitable growth.

  • Profits and
    Cash Flow

  • Our unique partnering model helps channel partners grow revenue, while controlling labor costs, resulting in superior profits and cash flow as your client base grows.

  • Shareholder

  • We empower partners to lead with their own brand and unique service offerings, helping you to build overall shareholder value.

  • Secure

  • eFolder helps partners build lasting value in their businesses, so you are financially ready for what’s next in life.


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